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Show-Me F100's

2024 Events

​Just a note: The host for the Show-Me site changed (once again), so I decided to build another page and link it to  This is the page that I'll update as ya'll send us events/shows you want us to add.  Keep in mind that your flyer info also will be added to our local newsletter on the month that your event happens. 

Upcoming Events

So pull up a chair, grab your coffee, tea, soda or hot chocolate,

and enjoy looking around at some of the new pages we'll be adding!

Send me your events so I can post them HERE for you!

​​​​​If you'd like your event added (for FREE), please send me your flyer (via the Postal Service) so I can have a copy to view, making it easier to upload all your info to the web, plus to our local monthly newsletter.  Make sure that your city and state are on your flyer.  Please jot down a contact # so if I have questions I know who to contact.  THANKS!

                                                                I do NOT download flyers because of costs to the club.

                                                 Please send your flyers to:

                                                   Show-Me F100's

                                                   3301 W Mt. Vernon Street

​                                                   Springfield, Mo.  65802​​​